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Keltic Designs window prints by the Welsh artist Jen Delyth.

The descriptions below are taken from the much longer explanation of the symbolism that is provided with each print.

These window prints are NOT STICKY; they adhere to clean glass by static cling and can be easily removed and reused elsewhere if desired. Each print is about 5 inches in diameter.

These and all Keltic Designs patterns are copyrighted.

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Keltic Designs - Antlers & Moons Keltic Designs - Antlers & Moons $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Antlers & Moons - Antlers are an ancient archetype representing male energy, strength, and fertility. The horned god is a powerful symbol to the ancient people, Cernunnos, lord of all stags. The moon is an ancient archetypal female symbol. Arianrhod, he Welsh goddess whose name means silver wheel, was worshipped as priestess of the moon. 
Keltic Designs - Arianrhod - Moon spirit Keltic Designs - Arianrhod - Moon spirit $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Arianrhod (Moon spirit) - A Welsh goddess, Arianrhod, whose name means "priestess of the moon" is a character in the medieval story collection "The Mabinogi". The moon is an archetypal female symbol representing the mother goddess. 
Keltic Designs - Bloduwedd - Welsh goddess Keltic Designs - Bloduwedd - Welsh goddess $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Bloduwedd - Welsh goddess, maiden of spring, she was magically created from flowers of the oak, broom, meadowsweet and from wife for Llew in the medieval Celtic tale 'The Mabinogi'. A statue of one of her forms is the oldest goddess figure ever found. She guards the Tree of Life. 
Keltic Designs - Danu Folk - Tuatha of Dannann Keltic Designs - Danu Folk - Tuatha of Dannann $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Danu Folk - Tuatha of Dannann - The people of the goddess Danu were a race of divine beings, said to have inhabited Ireland before the occupation of the Gaels or Celts. They were skilled in magic and in Druid lore. After the coming of the Gaels they were driven underground and established an otherworld kingdom beneath the hills, the Tir Na Nog,... 
Keltic Designs - Eternity Keltic Designs - Eternity $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Eternity Knot - Although interlacing design is featureed in the art of many cultures around the world, some of the finest knot-work interlacing was developed by the Celts. Celtic belief in the continuity of life, the path of fate and the mysteries of nature are often symbolized by this elaborate knot-work. 
Keltic Designs - Labyrinth Keltic Designs - Labyrinth $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Labyrinth - A labyrinth, unlike a maze, has only one path, winding but branchless, leading from the entrance to the center. Often carved on stone age monuments and grave sites, the labyrinthine design represents the soul's journey into the center of the uterine underworld and its return toward rebirth. 
Keltic Designs - Megalith (dragon) Keltic Designs - Megalith (dragon) $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Megalith: Stonehenge, the giant's dance - a powerful energy center. Astronomically significant, this temple was ancient even to the Celts, dating back to a far earlier civilization, the shadowy megalithic culture of the second and third millenia B.C. One legend associated with it involves a white and a red dragon (who later became the red... 
Keltic Designs - Morrigan (Triple) Keltic Designs - Morrigan (Triple) $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Morrigan - The triple morrigan or morgan, also known as Morgan-le-faye, is the Arthurian version of the old Celtic warrior goddess - the raven is her totemic bird. She has the ability to change between human and animal forms; in addition to her warrier aspects she possesses powerful sexual and fertility symbols, and is also a prophetess and... 
Keltic Designs - Pentacle Knot Keltic Designs - Pentacle Knot $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Pentacle Knot - The pentagram, named wizard's star, star of Bethlehem, three king's star, or druid's foot, is sacred to the celtic goddess Morgan. In her honor the solar hero Gawain carried a pentacle on his blood-red shield. As in other knotwork designs, the magical weaving of an unbroken line was a symbol of protection. 
Keltic Designs - Ravens - Morrigan Keltic Designs - Ravens - Morrigan $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Ravens (Morrigan) - Ravens have a close affinity with the supernatural world, they are totem birds of the dark Celtic goddess the Badbh, and also of the Morrigan, who posess the ability to appear as one or three beings and to shapeshift into raven form. Ravens appear in many contexts throughout Celtic mythology. 
Keltic Designs - Reptiles Keltic Designs - Reptiles $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Reptiles - Celtic beliefs in the continuity of life, the path of fate and the mysteries of nature are often symbolized by elaborate knotwork. With many ancient peoples, imitation of the works of the Creator was often forbidden, hence the strange yet graceful abstractions of plants and animals created by Celtic and Pictish artists. This... 
Keltic Designs - Sun (Lleu) Keltic Designs - Sun (Lleu) $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Sun (Lleu, Shining One) - Sun symbols belong to the oldest of all symbols that people have carved on stones, rocks, bones. The solar wheel as sun symbol was worn as a talisman and buried with the dead. The Celts did not worship the actual physical sun; they venerated the spirit and power of nature in all things, and many gods and goddesses... 
Keltic Designs - Triple Goddess Keltic Designs - Triple Goddess $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Triple Goddess - The finest development of spiral ornaments was made by the Celts. Spirals are among the most sacred signs of neolithic Europe, symbolizing the womb, death, and rebirth. They appear on megalithic monuments, entrances to caves, sacred places of worship, all over the Continent and the British Isles. The great earth mother was a... 

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products)
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