Color Stickers

Keltic Designs color window stickers by the Welsh artist Jen Delyth.

The descriptions below are taken from the much longer explanation of the symbolism that is provided with each sticker.

These window stickers are double-sided and can be seen from both sides of the glass. Unlike the windown prints, they are sticky and intended to be used only once. Each sticker is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

These and all Keltic Designs patterns are copyrighted.

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Anu - Earth Mother Anu - Earth Mother $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Anu - Earth Mother: Anu is the Great Mother of the ancestor Gods the Danaan. An ancient figure, venerated under many names, she is often known as Aine, or Danu. She is the womb of life. 
Awen - Poetic Inspiration Awen - Poetic Inspiration $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Awen - Poetic Inspiration: Awen is the flowing spirit, spark of life, the creative force of the Universe. A source of spiritual strength, prophetic insight and inspriation associated with Cerridwen and Taliesin in Wales, Brighid and the Dagda in Ireland. 
Ceilidh - The Dance Ceilidh - The Dance $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Ceilidh - The Dance: Within ancient and modern spriitual traditions, the Dance is a metaphor for life, an ancient choreography moving with the rhythm of the Earth to the music of the cosmos. Within Celtic traditoin the ceilidh is a gathering, a celebration of music, storytelling, and dance. 
Celtic Cross Celtic Cross $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Celtic Cross: Often associated with the Tree of Life, the Celtic Cross predates Christianity; the oldest example is from 10,000 B.C. The first cross symbols prossibly represented the sun, considered to be the devine center of the cosmos, the light of the world. 
Doves Doves $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Keltic Doves (Tangnefed) - Images of doves were offered to the Celtic healer-dieties of thermal springs; multiple stone figures of doves were offered to the curative spirits presiding over shrines. Like ravens, doves were perceived as oracular birds, perhaps because of their distinctive call. 
Dragons Dragons $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Dragons (Y Ddraig Goch): The Red Dragon symbolizes the sovereignty of Britain, and is the totemic beast of the greatest line of kings, the Pen-dragons. Dragons and serpents of the Celtic religion symbolized earth energies, potent forces of the land. 
Hounds of Annwn Hounds of Annwn $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Hounds of Annwn: Dogs are our loyal, intelligent companions since Paleolithic times. Helping with the hunt, sharing hearth and home, they also are our spiritual guardians. 
Lleu - Sun Lleu - Sun $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Lleu - Sun. Sun symbols belong to the oldest of all symbols that people have carved on stones, rocks, and bones. The Celts did not worship the actual physical sun, who was not represented by any one particular deity. They venerated the spirit and power of nature in all things, and many Gods and Goddesses embodied the divine qualities of the sun... 
Owl Owl $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Owl - Blodeuwedd: In Wales the owl is called Blodeuwedd - which means flower face. In the Medieval Celtic tale "the Mabinogion", Blodeuwedd is magically created by magicians from stones and flowers for Llew, who is cursed tht he should have to human wife. 
Pentacle Knot Pentacle Knot $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Pentacle Knot - The pentagram, named wizard's star, star of Bethlehem, three king's star, or druid's foot, is sacred to the celtic goddess Morgan. In her honor the solar hero Gawain carried a pentacle on his blood-red shield. As in other knotwork designs, the magical weaving of an unbroken line was a symbol of protection. 
Ravens Ravens $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Ravens - Triple Morrigan: Ravens have a close affinity with the supernatural world. They are totem birds of the dark Celtic Goddesses the Badbh and the Morrigan, who possess the ability to appear as one or three beings and to shapeshift into Raven form. 
The Garden The Garden $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Garden: The Garden is a perfumed santuary of flowering beauty and green verdant life. 
Tree of Life Tree of Life $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Tree of Life: The Tree of Life is an esoteric philosophy common to many cultures and mythologies. The Ancients envisioned the entire cosmos in the form of a tree whose roots grow deep in the ground, branches reaching high into the heavens. Britain was once covered in extensive oak forest, and reverence for Trees is at the heart of Celtic... 
Triskele Triskele $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 Triskele: The Triskele is a three-legged pattern, sacred to the Celts who used a triple cycle for the seasons, and for many magical patterns and ritual blessings. 
World Tree World Tree $3.50 Add to Wish List Buy Now
 World Tree - Yggdrasil: Also kown as the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of the Universe, and the Tree of Fate, Yggdrasil is the axis, the center of the creation of the Univrse. Yggdrasil is the World Tree of Norse mythology, the giant Ash tree that links and connects all the known worlds, the earth below and the heaven above. 

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products)

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